About TGI

TGI and its aerospace partners are building the world’s first satellite constellation designed to create the only continuously-updated, real-time, digital representation of every physical activity, process, and object on earth.

Much as internet search engines categorize and index the digital online world, TGI is pioneering the ability to search and model the entire physical world in real time. With simultaneous granularity and scale, TGI will securely capture and transparently share, the critical, data-driven insights of Earth’s broad patterns of life.

The industries and activities that underpin civilized life must become dramatically more efficient. Understanding world events and managing life’s activities in real-time is more important than ever.


The TSN is a constellation of satellites using a combination of remote sensing technologies capable of imaging the visible and non-visible spectrum (material attributes) over the whole earth, at ground resolutions as small as 20 centimeters. Unlike traditional tasking satellites, the TSN operates in “Total-Capture®” mode, acquiring imagery and data over the whole earth, at once, in real-time, eliminating tasking and revisit rate paradigms.

The TSN includes a Space-Backhaul-System (SBS®) which moves all data and imagery into TGI’s data centers in under five seconds from the moment it is captured. This capability enables the creation of real-time applications to be scaled over the whole earth, addressing current bottlenecks, cost, and security issues inherent in ground-based gateways and terrestrial backhaul networks.

The TSN integrates an ultra-secure Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) direct-to-endpoint communications network covering every square meter of the earth. With speeds of up to 284 Mbits per second, and a massive multi-petabyte per day initial capacity, this space-based M2M/IoT network can capture data from sensors on-ground and instantly deliver analytic results and feedback anywhere in the world, independent of terrestrial networks.


M3® feedback analytics start with a digital twin of a physical activity or business. Using real-time remote sensing data, TGI analyzes the difference between the optimal digital twin model of the activity and that which is actually happening in real-time. TGI's M3® feedback analytics continuously generates these real-time adjustments to the activity or business, driving it toward optimal results. When the TSN is fully deployed, the TGI platform will host nearly unlimited applications to benefit individuals, companies, governments, and industries worldwide. By having a continuously updated real-time digital representation of the physical world, TGI customers can scale applications globally with greater efficiency, as installing terrestrial sensors and network extensions becomes largely unnecessary.


The TSN will capture every square meter of cultivated acreage in the world with high resolution hyperspectral and ground penetrating radar. TGI will then process the entire cultivated area of the world in order to share precision, meter-resolution farm analytics with the world's independent and commercial farmers.

First Responder and Emergency Services

The TSN will see and record every natural disaster and every major physical emergency event in the world, as it starts and proceeds. Using real-time TSN-captured non-visible remote sensing imagery and the TSN’s ground penetrating radar, TGI will save and protect lives by providing real-time information to first responders for most emergencies in the world.


The TSN will enable hourly analysis of nearly every element of major infrastructure in the world (pipelines, rail ways, roads, bridges, major factories, etc.) leading to reduced maintenance costs and increased capacity to serve citizens and economies. When the TSN is fully deployed, TGI will perform continuous analysis for anomalies and problems for all major infrastructure in the world.

Insurance, Compliance & Risk

The TSN will enable re-balancing the information asymmetry inherent in managing the risk of physical world activities, by understanding the before-and-after of everything happening in the physical world. This process will help reduce compliance costs, liability risks, and will eliminate many forms of insurance fraud in the physical world.

Nation-State Security

The TSN will provide gapless real-time, video imagery of national borders and exclusive economic zones (EEZ), with automatic detection of anomalous conditions such as smuggling activity and illegal fishing. TSN will enable this capability not just for a few focus areas, but for every meter of border and EEZ for every country in the world.

Mapping & Transportation

The TSN will enable TGI to produce daily updated detail maps for the entire world, with minute-by-minute annotations for traffic, construction, weather, and other physical world events that affect movement of people and goods.

Property Registry

The TSN will dramatically reduce the time to survey and document properties, reviving dead capital, dramatically increasing revenue to global economies and governmental budgets world-wide.

Natural Resources

The TSN will increase the degree of certainty for exploration success for oil, gas, water, and minerals, enabling countries to take back control of the exploration and development of resources for the benefit of its citizens.